Teatro das Figuras


The Teatro das Figuras' mission is to satisfy, delight, surprise, shape and fill the soul of the public of the region, evoking emotions and awakening the senses for the Performing Arts. 


The Teatro das Figuras aims to be a national reference in terms of excellence in programming, regional leadership, affirming the centrality of the city of Faro and consolidating the cultural offer of the tourism destination.


Teatro das Figuras is a venue where contemporary performing arts can be showcased and which focuses on building an ongoing, creative relationship with the surrounding community, helping to form, observe, think about and share new artistic experiences, thus contributing to the cultural development of the city, region and country.

The activity of the Theatre of Figures is defined by programmatic principles that aim to place this cultural venue as a multidisciplinary equipment where original productions and co-productions intertwine with external shows, where the commitment to contemporary art does not exclude historical retreats, where national, international, regional and local productions coexist.

In terms of areas, its activity aims to give meaningful expression to all current programmatic areas: music and opera, dance, theatre, new circus and cinema. And in connection with all of them, an enhanced attention to pedagogical and educational perspectives, with a strong and structured action of the Educational Service.