Teatro das Figuras


Friday | 9.30pm

23 June, 2023


Adriana Calcanhotto is one of the great names of the rich Brazilian artistic heritage. With about 1.3 million monthly listeners on Spotify, the music born in Porto Alegre which debuted with the album “Enguiço” in 1990, collects hits after hits: “Vambora”, “Devolva-me”, “ Esquadros” or “Mentiras” are some of the most celebrated songs of a career spanning over 30 years.

At the end of March, her 13th album of originals is released: “Errante”. The show, with the same name, takes to European stages in May, and Portugal is the country chosen by the Artist for her world premiere.


Credits ___________________________

Voice - Adriana Calcanhotto

Guitars - Pedro Sá

Drums - Domenico Lancellotti

Contrabass - Guto Wirtti

Sax, flute and keyboards - Jorge Continentino

Trumpet - Diogo Gomes

Trombone - Marlon Sette


Additional info ___________________________

Prices: 1st stall - 30,00€ / 2nd stall - 27,50€

Duration: 75 minutes

Age rating: >6