Teatro das Figuras


Saturday | 9.30pm

25 February, 2023


The musician, producer and composer brings together on the same stage some of the best female voices of today. Renato Júnior and his musicians materialize the album “Uma Mulher Não Chora” on stage. Between the songs she composed for the aforementioned album and the visit (with her own arrangements) to some themes from the repertoires of each of the singers, this concert becomes unique in its organicity and presents a dynamic that leaves no one indifferent. For about an hour and a half, the guest singers parade on stage, entering Renato Júnior's musical universe, each one imprinting their fingerprint on the composer's music. As if that were not enough, the sharing is also made in the opposite direction, some of the most emblematic themes of each of the singers are brought to the world of Renato Júnior and interpreted with unique arrangements. A true tribute to Women in the 21st Century.


Credits ___________________________

Artist: Renato Júnior

Guest singers: Ana Bacalhau, Rita Redshoes, Katia Guerreiro, Viviane, Sofia Escobar, Luanda Cozetti, Patricia Antunes e Patricia Silveira

Musicians: Renato Júnior (Piano); Helder Godinho ( Teclas e guitarras); Pedro Pinto ( Baixo); David Jeronimo (Bateria); Ricardo Barriga (Guitarras); Andre Conde ( trombone); Jose Conde ( Clarinete baixo), Sergio Charrinhgo ( Fliscorne); Inês Vaz ( Acordeão), Caze Costa ( Violoncelo)

Technicians: Nelson Carvalho ( som de frente); marco Batista ( Som de Palco); Anabela Gaspar ( luz); Paulo Pereira ( Roadie); Célia Costa ( Road Manager); Jasmim Teixeira (Ass.produção)


Additional info ___________________________

Price: tba

Duration: 80 minutes

Age rating: >6