Teatro das Figuras


Friday to sunday

From 24 to 26 February, 2023


What stimuli and dynamics determine the writing for the scene? What does it mean to say that a text has scenic potential? Is it possible to find a personal voice when writing for theatre? What is this about looking for scenic words? Inhabiting the contemporary scene, can we say that theater also writes itself? These are some of the questions that will be present in this workshop that aims to challenge participants to the imaginative experience of written creation intended for the theater scene.


Biography ___________________________

Armando Nascimento Rosa (Évora, 1966), playwright, essayist and singer-songwriter, with about thirty original dramatic works, some of them awarded and/or translated into seven languages, with scenic presentations in several European and American cities. He began his career as a playwright in 1990 at Teatro da Politécnica, in Lisbon, at the invitation of its founder, director Mário Feliciano. With a PhD in Portuguese Studies, a Master's in Comparative Literary Studies, and a degree in Philosophy from Universidade Nova de Lisboa, he has been a professor at the Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema of the Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa since 1998, and a member of CIAC. He has published 25 books of original dramaturgy and essays, including studies on Samuel Beckett, António Patrício, Fernando Pessoa, and Natália Correia. As a singer-songwriter, he published the albums: O Piano em Pessoa, in 2018, with pianist António Neves da Silva; and Fado is strange joy, in 2019, produced by maestro Mário Rui Teixeira.


Informação adicional ___________________________

Price: €20.00 - registration using the form below which will be validated when the payment of the amount is complete until February 3rd at the local ticket office

Duração: 20 horas no total

Age rating: >18


Photography by: Terry Cripps