Teatro das Figuras


Thursday | 9.30pm

02 February, 2023


The FENO project emerges from research that addresses rural life and the haymaking process, which is divided into three phases: cutting, drying and baling.

By exposing patterns at work, 6 performers reflect on the consequences of our actions in relation to others.

The work comes to reflect on responsibility and tasks that are divided by a subconscious formatted by the process of that same life, crossing the circus with rural everyday life.


Credits ____________________________

Direction/Interpretation: Catarina Ribeiro, João Antunes, Lia Cabaço, Óscar Nunes, Pedro Caetano e Sofia Encarnação

Sonoplasty: Santi Sierra

Costumes: Mafalda Antunes

External observation: Ariana Silva

Photography: Mafalda Perdigão


Additional info ____________________________

Price: 5,00€

Duration: 45 minutes

Age rating: >6