Teatro das Figuras


Wednesday to Saturday (9.30pm) / Sunday (5pm)

From 04 to 08 January, 2023


"Luis de Matos IMPOSSIBLE Live” returns to the big theatres, with a new cast and new illusions. Luis de Matos, the most awarded Portuguese magician, distinguished three times by the Academy of Magical Arts of Hollywood, and the youngest in history to receive the Devant Award, from The Magic Circle, among many other distinctions, surprises again with a new and extraordinary journey through the wonderful world of illusion where the impossible becomes reality and the limits of imagination are challenged at every moment.

Accompanied by Joana Almeida, dancer and assistant, and by the Momentum Crew, world break-dance champions, Luis de Matos will have at his side four of the greatest magicians in the world today, with the best of each to enrich an unforgettable experience.

From the United States of America, Dan Sperry, the anti-magic, shocking and eccentric. From Spain, Javier Botía, the unparalleled and hilarious World Champion of Mentalism. From France, Norbert Ferré, the incredibly talented and original double World Champion. From South Korea, Yu Hojin, the magician who has become a national symbol in his country.


Credits ________________________________

Magicians: Luis de Matos (Portugal), Dan Sperry (USA), Javier Botía (Spain), Norbert Ferré (France), Yu Hojin (South Korea)

Dancer and assistant: Joana Almeida

Break-dancers: Momentum Crew


Additional info ________________________________

Price: 1st stall - 24,00€ / 2nd stall - 22,00€

Duration: 90 minutes

Age rating: >6