Teatro das Figuras


Wednesday | 11am & 2pm

07 December, 2022



"After a long period of confinement, we experienced an atypical psychotic break in the city of Lisbon. This outbreak manifests itself essentially in citizens who circulate in groups, usually of individuals linked to the arts, consisting of a kind of collective paranoid schizophrenia where hallucination and loss of sense of reality are the immediately observable symptoms. It will not be surprising, therefore, that they suddenly come across patients who, for example, with a toy in their hand, believe they are in possession of a stradivarius or any other quality musical instrument. When they come together, these groups of individuals come to believe that they are in an orchestra. Some believe they are great musicians or renowned conductors, others believe they are opera characters, such as Carmen by Bizet, Nemorino in Donizetti's Elixir of Love, the Duke of Mantua in Rigoleto by Verdi, or the Queen of the Night in Mozart's Magic Flute. . Some even believe they are angels, due to their vocal gifts. This type of hallucination sometimes generates excessive courtship and cordiality between the members of each pseudo-orchestra, giving rise to mismatched expectations and romantic frustrations.”

A satirical show where the parody around the formality of symphonic concerts is the link for the first contact with the world of orchestra and opera!


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Age Rating: >6