Teatro das Figuras


Wednesday | 9.30 pm

29 September, 2021


BoCA - Bienal de Artes Contemporâneas


The word Brazil has its origin in the large quantities of brazilwood trees found in regions of the Brazilian coast. “Brasil” derives from “brasa” (“ember”) because this tree has a red-coloured sap, the colour of ember. For years, these trees were extracted and sold to Europe. We can say that it was one of the products that most often crossed the Atlantic. In recent years, new migratory groups chose Portugal or Brazil for their academic studies, in the search for new job opportunities or simply to leave their own countries for political reasons. But who are these new Portuguese and Brazilian migrants? What hopes do they have when they decide to leave?


Note: strobe lights will be used.



Creation and space: Tiago Cadete

Interpreters and co-creators: Gaya de Medeiros, Júlia Salem, Keli Freitas, Magnum Alexandre Soares, Tiago Cadete, Ana Lobato, Dori Nigro, Gustavo Ciriaco, Isabel Zuaa and Raquel André

Creation assistant: Leonor Cabral

Costumes: Carlota Lagido

Light: Rui Monteiro

Camera: Afonso Sousa

Screen Editing: António MV

Technical Director: Nuno Patinho

Executive Production: Cláudia Teixeira

Financial management and administration: Vítor Alves Brotas

Press office: Mafalda Simões

Partnership: Antenna 3

Production: Copacabana

Residencies: Fábrica das Ideias / Gafanha da Nazaré (23 Milhas); O Espaço do Tempo; Teatro da Malaposta; Teatro da Voz

Co-production: BoCA – Biennial of Contemporary Arts

Project funded by: Portuguese Republic - Culture / Direcção Geral das Artes

Institutional partner: Portuguese Republic - Ministry of Culture



Duration: 60 – 70 minutes

Age: > 12

Prices: € 5,00