Teatro das Figuras


Sunday | 10.30 am

31 October, 2021


From dance music written by Beethoven at the end of the sec. XVIII, Trupe dos Bichos creates this electronic music show for babies and todlers, up to 3 years old.

The reinterpretation of dances (Rondos, Minuetos, Valsas,…) through electronic instruments unveils Beethoven's music in multiple ways.

Everything thought and adjusted to think about babies!

We intend to create a “dance floor” where they can interact with each other or try to catch a projected image that crosses the floor.

We all want to “dance”!

We want to “listen” to Beethoven with legs, arms, kisses and hugs.


Concept, interpretation and video: Pedro Moura


Duration: 25 minutes

Age: < 3

Prices: € 7,00 (with a parent)


Production: Trupe dos Bichos