Teatro das Figuras


Saturday | 9.30pm

30 November, 2019

Duration: 75 minutes
Age: >6
Prices: 10,00€
Inês Rosa – Voice
Margarida Guerreiro – Voice
Teresa Silva – Voice
Paulo Preto – Voice, sanfona, mirandesa bagpipe, dulçaina, flauta pastoril and tamboril
Paulo Meirinhos – Voice, bombo, rabel, bagpipe, realejo, tambourine
Alexandre Meirinhos – Voice, bombo, tambourine
João Pratas - Voice, flutes, bombo, tambourine
Sound technician – Nuno Poeira
Production– Rita Figueiredo
MOÇOILAS are Southern women, Galandum Galundaina are Northern men. The first ones carry with them the deepest Algarve, its cadence and lull in their voices, the second ones bring their bagpipes, accordions and tambourines. This unlikely concert will be a battle/dance between them and will join these two very distinct regions of our country, promoting the musical heritage of both the Algarve and Miranda do Douro that, being so far apart, show so many similarities.
Production: TMF, SM and ALG Eventos