Teatro das Figuras


Thursday | 9.30pm

19 September, 2019


Prices: to be announced

Duration: 60 minutos

Age: >6


Adorabilis creates a ceremonial space filled by bodies in a state of emergency and acts as a fictional machine housing three presences exposed and victimized by invisible tensions. In a state of alert, the interactions of these presences are constantly inspected by a virtual, energetic eye, not making clear whether if its nature is authoritarian or passive, controlling or caring for. This fourth digital performer may still have the power to induce the public that performers or scenic areas are most relevant at the moment. Jonas & Lander use the richness of cultural and natural biodiversity to create a labyrinthine dance. Light, sound and scenery are autonomous elements in themselves that affect the behaviour and reactions of performers, such as rain, night or spring are determinants elements of animal life.



Criação: Jonas&Lander
Interpretação: Jonas Lopes, Lander Patrick, Lewis Seivwright
Figurinos: Carlota Lagido a partir de ideias de Jonas&Lander
Desenho de luz: Carlos Ramos
Sonoplastia: Lander Patrick
Animação digital: Web4Humans
Produção: Patrícia Soares
Difusão: Produção d’Fusão
Coprodução: Teatro Maria Matos e Centro Cultural Vila Flor
Residências artísticas: O Espaço do Tempo, Alkantara (PT), Centro Cultural Vila Flor (PT), Centro de Experimentação Artística no Vale da Amoreira/Câmara Municipal da Moita, Artemrede/Projeto Odisseia (PT), DeVIR/CAPa (PT), Câmara Municipal de Lisboa/Polo Cultural | Gaivotas Boavista, PACT Zollverein (AL), Sín Culture Centre Budapeste (HU), Graner/Mercat de les Flors (ES), Nave (CL).
Apoio à internacionalização: Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian (PT). Artistas Aerowaves 2017