Teatro das Figuras


Monday | 9.30 pm

03 June, 2019


Duration: 90 minutes 
Age: > 6
Prices: front stalls € 35,00; back stalls € 30,00

“A night with Benjamin Clementine and his Parisian string quintet "is the nickname for the acoustic tour that Clementine is preparing to bring to Europe in May and June and with seven nights in Portugal between June 2 and 10. Coimbra, Faro, Aveiro, Guarda, Braga, Ponta Delgada and Oporto are the cities chosen to receive the performance never less than overwhelming of the musician who has admitted in several interviews to feel deeply understood by the Portuguese public.
After the most recent tour with David Byrne in the United Kingdom and the United States, Benjamin Clementine offers his audience a unique and intimate acoustic proposal that will feature the English musician accompanied by five French musicians.
On this tour Benjamin Clementine will tour his repertoire, including his debut album "At Least For Now," which won him the Mercury Prize, and his most critically acclaimed album, "I Tell A Fly, and which led him to be considered by the American National Public Radio (NPR) as "a musical George Orwell of our time".

 Sons em Trânsito and TMF, SM